Somebody knows something.
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Thank You!

  • Thank you to the Hernando County Sheriff's Office who issued a press release and Facebook post on this case on the 38th anniversary of the crimes. This effort resulted in over 270 Facebook shares, and news reports on Rick and Dori's murder on a number of Tampa Bay / Florida news outlets.

  • Thank you to Hernando County Sheriff's Office cold case Detective George Loydgren for his continued work on this investigation.

  • Thank you to Fox 13 Tampa Bay and the Sun Crime State podcast for reporting on the 38th anniversary of the unsolved murders of Rick and Dori

  • Thank you to authors Linda Welker and Jan Kalnbach for reporting on Rick and Dori in their new book TWISTED MURDERS - Murder in Hernando County Through the Ages.

  • To everyone who has taken the time to comment and share information on this case on social media - thank you for helping "shake the tree." Let's hope something falls out!

We want to hear from you. You can submit information on this double murder in a number of ways:

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